Below you will find a list of our services. Click on the learn more links following each paragraph to get a better idea of what each service is.



This involves the use of needles, electricity, massage or low powered laser to stimulate specific points on the body in order to get a desired healing effect. It can effectively manage acute or chronic pain, and can help improve the quality of life for our aging pets. Learn More


Laser Therapy

This is the long description. Learn More


Nutritional Therapies

After a review of the current diet, recommendations can be made based on the needs of the pet. This may include the addition of a variety of nutritional supplements, glandulars, and food therapies according to the traditions of Chinese Medicine. Learn More


Herbal Therapies

Western herbs as well as Chinese herbal formulas may be recommended as an alternative to conventional drugs, or as general support. Learn More


Alternative Allergy Therapy

Bicom 2000 can successfully treat chronic allergies without the use of drugs. This therapy is available only at the Wildwood location. Learn More


In Home Consultations for Geriatric Pets

Older pets with mobility or anxiety problems can benefit from in-home acupuncture and other therapies. Recommendations can be made to help make the pet more comfortable, and to get around the house more easily. Learn More