Below is a list of good things people have said about us.

James, St. Louis

"For more than a decade, Dr. Snodgrass has treated our various German Shepherds. They responded quite positively to Dr. Snodgrass’ various therapies, including acupuncture, Bicom, herbs and other holistic veterinary interventions. I strongly recommend Dr. Snodgrass and her holistic veterinary practice."

Beth, St. Louis area

"Dr. Snodgrass has treated my dog for allergies using the Bicom 2000 for several years. By isolating core blocks and specific environmental allergens, my dog’s overall health has improved. Dr. Snodgrass has also taught us how important diet is for the wellbeing of our dog. She has respect for my concerns and empathy to my dog’s issues."

Vera, St. Louis

"We’ve worked with Dr. Snodgrass on a range of holistic veterinary services – from longevity and basic care – to complex, chronic issues. Dr. Snodgrass is masterful with traditional Chinese remedies and acupuncture, and we’ve had outstanding results with all five dogs we’ve taken to Dr. Snodgrass."

Todd, Columbia

"Dr. Snodgrass possesses a unique skill set rooted in both traditional and holistic medicine. This combination proved critical for my 16-year-old dog, Abbey, diagnosed with cancer (hemangiosarcoma) and given just weeks to live. Rather than do nothing, I began educating myself and learned that a holistic approach, emphasizing nutrition and herbal remedies, could help.

Failing to find anyone locally, I discovered a single doctor on the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association’s website practicing in Missouri: Dr. Snodgrass. I contacted her and began a long journey – a partnership really – to help Abbey in the final chapter of her life. Under Dr. Snodgrass’s care, Abbey enjoyed a high quality of life and lived many more months. With Dr. Snodgrass, one gets not only an experienced and highly professional practitioner skilled in both Western and Eastern approaches, but also a kind and caring human being. I feel blessed to have found such an amazing veterinarian!"